SLICM Online Examination Tools

1. Procedure to create a PDF document for your Answer Scripts

Step 1: Download Camscanner App

Step 2: Press the Camera Scan Icon on Bottom-Right corner

Step 3: Select Multiple Page Document Scan (batch mode)

Step 4: Press the Camera Button to take pictures of all the pages

Step 5: Crop the pages and adjust the size

Step 6: Rename the document with the SLICM Student Number

Step 7: Click on the share button on the top right. Then Select “PDF file”

Step 8: Select the option to share as email

Step 9: Add the email address and enter subject to send the email. You can email to your self and then save it to your laptop or to your mobile phone.


2. Combing your answers scripts to one PDF can also be done by using the following website as well - (

3. Converting word document to PDF can also be done using (

4. If you are typing the answers, use the font Times New Roman and font Size: 12

5. If you are writing the answer, use only one side of each page as it will make it easy to scan your answers. Please keep the pages numbered so that you can scan it easily and it will be easy for the marker even if you have made a mistake in scanning.